How DMP Awnings Came To Be

Dubbin Racing Products was formed in 1983. We started racing like many people, in bracket racing. Since our first race car, we steadily progressed into quicker and newer cars, We now run Top Alcohol Dragster #522 at many Div. 5 and Div 3 events. During this natural progression we recoginized the need for aluminum products, utilized by racers for their trailers and shops.

In 1987 we started the company Handi-Hauler Aluminum Products. We continued to add new products to our line and in 1988 we made our first awnings under the name Pro-Series Awnings and we have grown rapidly ever since. We have evolved into what is today, DMP (Dubbin Motorsports Products).

Here at DMP Awnings we offer the highest quality possible at the most competitive prices. Please stop by and say hi when you see us at the shows or at the race track.